eye disease

a study in contrast: light and dark eyes in asians

I know this sounds totally crazy but I really think I’ve been losing color pigment in my eyes over the years. This has been a nagging concern of mine for awhile now because according to WebMd, iris color change can be attributed to a) age or b) deadly eye diseases with very long names. I’ve ruled out age because I’m not, like, 70. That leaves deadly eye diseases. As I’m already nearly legally blind without the help of deadly eye disease with very long names, you can say I’m slightly paranoid.

Dammit WebMd.

In any case, below is a no filter picture of my eyes taken today. I should disclose that I’m of East Asian descent – 100%. In other words, I hail from parts of the world where dark brown eyes are by far the most common (if not the only) eye color. While I don’t think my eyes have ever been dark brown, I’m pretty sure they’ve been a stunning shade of poop brown most of my life. Poop Facebook Emoticon

Now, I’m not one of those people who totally have brown eyes but claim they have greenish/golden/hazel eyes. In fact, I still think my eyes are brown…but seriously, check me on this but have they not gotten lighter than poop brown?? I was dismissing it as trick of light in some of my recent pics where my eyes looked hazel but…

what if I’m really going blind?!?!!?

Dammit WebMd!!